As many of you may be aware, I work with Lars Wirzenius on a project we call Subplot which is a tool for writing documentation which helps all stakeholders involved with a proejct to understand how the project meets its requirements.

At the start of February we had FOSDEM which was once again online, and I decided to give a talk in the Safety and open source devroom to introduce the concepts of safety argumentation and to bring some attention to how I feel that Subplot could be used in that arena. You can view the talk on the FOSDEM website at some point in the future when they manage to finish transcoding all the amazing talks from the weekend, or if you are more impatient, on Youtube, whichever you prefer.

If, after watching the talk, or indeed just reading about Subplot on our website, you are interested in learning more about Subplot, or talking with us about how it might fit into your development flow, then you can find Lars and myself in the Subplot Matrix Room or else on any number of IRC networks where I hang around as kinnison.