(Note, this is a political posting related to the UK and I’m not going to force myself to be impartial when I feel so strongly about the argument) Today the house of commons voted for a ban on ‘fox hunting’. Many MPs (most commonly from the UK Conservative party) seem to believe that banning this barbaric “entertainment” will be unworkable and more importantly to them at least unfair. Several pro-hunting people have raised the comment recently that were fox-hunting a “middle class” activity the government would be leaving it well-alone. They are trying to claim that this is a ‘class’ issue. Yet is bare-knuckle fighting permitted any more? What about cock-fighting? Or dog fighting? No. Yet the upper-class barbarism of ‘fox hunting’ has been permitted until now. Some pro-hunting people are speaking up and saying that this will cause unemployment in the countryside. I’m sure that when the slave-trade was banned the same issues were raised; yet would we want a return to the slave-trade? I’m quite willing to hear well-reasoned arguments against the ban; but I have to say that so far I’ve not heard a single one. BBC News are carrying lots of useful articles on the matter.

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