Well, I finally got a reply about the application I made to the unresponsive company as detailed in this posting. It was a negative…

Dear Daniel,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in contacting you again.

As you know, we ran an advertisement for an Embedded/Video Engineer and it was our intention to invite you to attend an interview once we had the opportunity to consider all the applications.

The response to our advertisement was extremely successful, with many candidates having exactly the right skill set and experience. As a result, I am sorry to tell you that the position has now been filled and we will not, therefore, be pursuing your application further.

I hope that you are not too disappointed by our decision and trust that you will soon find an interesting and rewarding position.

Thank you for your interest in $COMPANY.

So, I don’t even get an interview and the position has been filled. I won’t name the company in question because I’m hoping that this isn’t indicative of their general organisational skills and that whoever it is that they have hired will be as good an employee as I think I could have been for them.

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