Cut — Geek Alert!
Some people offer large cash incentives. However, since I’m poor, I offer the following: Tell me how to achieve what I want without changing Gnome 2.6 and win a hug or one $BEER token depending on your preference. Fix the issue I have and get it into Debian and win twice as much. Get it into Gnome upstream as well as Debian and win three $BEER tokens. Some of the below are clearly bugs and I’ve filed bugs where I can. Some are usability issues and could be plausibly worked-around for one $BEER token. Several of these were pointed out to me by people like Livejournal:keybuk and have since come to irritate me. My current issue list:
  1. Unable to drag/drop to create shortcuts from sftp:// (or [ftp://](ftp://)) urls open in nautilus windows. I want to be able to create shortcuts to bits of my home directory on my server using this technique.
  2. When browsing sftp:// URLs, nautilus leaves smelly zombie processes behind. I’ve filed a bug here.
  3. Although it’s cute when it’s a small effect, the bug which causes the panel to wibble around can render panels almost unusable. I filed a bug here about that.
  4. I can’t seem to get windows to go off the top of the screen, no matter how hard I try. This is very irritating when I’m grabbing a window with alt+drag to just see what’s underneath it
  5. There’s no UI element for turning startup notification on/off in panel launchers (or launchers in general
  6. There seems to be no way to hide mount icons from the desktop. My USB key provides `/mnt/keyfs` and `/mnt/cryptokey` and I don’t want the cryptokey one on my desktop.
  7. If I stick an emblem on a folder, or perhaps give it a custom icon, it’d be nice if that carried through somehow into the nautilus folder window which is for that folder.
  8. Nautilus should be able to distinguish XML documents based on their DTD.
  9. I can’t work out how to make my workspaces wrap at the edges. It’d often be faster for me to move one workspace-right rather than four workspaces left — Note, `brightside` does not do what I want
  10. I have renamed the Wastebasket icon on my desktop to “Dustbin” because I like that name. But the “Places” menu still says ‘Trash’ The right-click menu still says “Move to Trash” etc. This sucks from a consistency point of view. Either don’t let me rename the icon, or make sure it gets renamed across the board.
  11. The whole Gnome-DB stuff (particularly the mergeant stuff) appears riddled with bugs and generally crashy.
  12. I’d like the ability to hide icons in Nautilus windows. E.g. I don’t want ~/bin showing in my homedir, ’tis messy enough as it is. — Won by Thom May
Well, that’s enough for now. So fly my pretties and code fixes for me…. Bwuahahaha (Or reply in a LJ comment. Please don’t mail me or I lose track)
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