I have, over the past few months, been contemplating a change of scenery in the form of a new job. More recently this has widened to include the possiblities of changing career direction as well as employer. Particularly I have been considering becoming a publican for the past month or two. Also I have been pondering more recently the merits of the teaching profession. Unfortunately I lack a formal qualification in very much at all past A-levels. I have no degree and no formal teaching experience. This really is a problem since I’d want to be teaching at degree level, or at least teaching adults. I’m not interested in teaching children because I’m nowhere near capable of dealing with that level of pastoral and guidance responsibility. I’d be quite capable of teaching the syllabus for GCSE IT, through A-Level IT or CS up to most of a basic degree course in CS (the specialist topics I don’t know I could learn, but you never have a single lecturer at uni anyway). Running a pub needs things like publican qualifications, health and safety qualifications and a fuck of a lot of money. This kinda leaves me back at the finding a new job within the same sort of career path as I’m in right now; which basically leaves me tidying my CV, cutting it back down to two pages and then sending it off. If anyone knows of a company after a programmer who wants to be in the embedded arena in the Cambridgeshire area, then please let me know.

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