I thought I’d take a moment out of my already dull and dreary day to explain to people why I chose my nicknames. Joey Hess, in this posting mentioned that he was interested in how people chose their IRC nicks; so I thought I’d sit down and type out a quick explanation for my two nicks. Terryfish was chosen as a livejournal name when I realised that Livejournal:kinnison existed already and I needed something that tied me to the account. Originally it was going to be a way to make Pepperfish announcements so I chose ‘Terryfish’ since ‘Terry’ is the mascot of Pepperfish. The choice behind ‘Kinnison’ goes waaay back into the mists of time. Around 1992 I was trying to choose a name for my Doom player. In those days, your nick couldn’t be more than eight characters long. ‘Kinnison’ had the distinct advantage of being utterly unique in the circle of friends I was playing Doom with — right the way down to the fact that it was the only ‘K’ in the group. (There were three Daniels). The name comes from a series of books called ‘The Lensman Series’ by E. E. (Doc) Smith. In particular, the character of ‘Kimball Kinnison — The grey lensman’ called to me as a perfect name for myself online. You see, Kimball was a very strong character; but he was also a womanising misogynist with a particular penchant for red-heads. Being red-headed myself it kinda fitted a bit. So, with a pinch of irony, I chose the name and it stuck. Twelve years on and I’m still ‘Kinnison’ online although I pretty much refuse to answer to the name in real life.

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