Since it can’t really do any harm now…

  1. On the 8th March 2004 I sent a CV and covering letter to a particular firm on the recommendation of a friend of mine who was leaving there for pastures new.
  2. On the 12th March I receive a letter (dated the 11th March) stating that the firm had received my CV and were interested in interviewing me. The wording used was something akin to ‘We will be in touch in a few days’
  3. On the 18th March I emailed the person who had sent me the letter to ask what was happening; since it was possible I may have missed her call due to being very busy that week
  4. On the 19th I got a reply saying ‘We will be in touch in due course’
  5. On the 15th April, I sent another email asking how things were going; since I needed to plan my trip to Brazil
  6. The same day, I got a reply saying ‘Sorry for the delay, we hope to start interviewing in a few weeks’
  7. I replied saying that I understood and looked forward to hearing from them in due course
  8. On the 13th May, I sent an email saying that I hoped I had made it to the ‘for interview’ list and that I looked forward to hearing about when the interview would be. I also repeated my planned dates for being in Brazil since I didn’t want to inconvenience them by being away when they tried to arrange interview
  9. It is now the 28th June and I’ve heard nothing, not a reply to my email, not a “sorry, we’re not interested” letter, nothing. I just think it’s disgusting that companies treat anyone like this, let alone potentially valuable future employees

Those of you familiar with my plight will know who I am talking about; those of you who don’t know which company I mean — you should check to see if the company you work for is equally rude to its interview candidates. Phew, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

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