Irritated to distraction by the fact that my Wireless Broadband link has been down for the past two hours (and was out for 30 minutes on Saturday anyway) I have finally pre-ordered DSL. I chose a local company InterViVo who I have met with on a personal, professional and indeed B2B basis. They are reasonably priced, seem to be amongst the lowest latency of the choices and have no setup fee (providing you commit to 12 months). This change means that as soon as my DSL is enabled, I’ll be looking to terminate my MESH contract. This will leave MESH in a bit of a quandry because I’m a “node” which means that over ten of MESH’s customers rely on me to provide downstream bandwidth. Perhaps I can make some money from them (say 10 quid per month) as rental of my wall and electricity. P.S. If you want to buy DSL from InterViVo (who are thoroughly nice chaps) then if you put 185 as the referral code, I’ll get a wee rebate on some of my DSL charges (which will make me very very happy)

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