I’ve failed to blog for a while so i thought I’d give a general update in no particular order…

  • Simon Huggins has been working on the Xfce4 in Debian situation with my sponsorship. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Simon for the effort he’s putting into this.
  • Work continues to bore me. Please give me a new job.
  • LUDEx was a bit cruddy
  • I started a test Wiki for me to fiddle with here using AJPS’ Whicky codebase which is developed here.
  • I got a new WiFi card.
  • I got my WiFi card working
  • I had a birthday, which was fun
  • I got nice presents; which were… erm… nice :-)
  • Once of those was “Moab is my Washpot” (a kind gift from Livejournal:spodlife and Livejournal:bellanna) and it is excellent
  • I need to watch “La Haine” (a kind gift from Livejournal:kjaneway) since I have now watched Wilde (Livejournal:gwendraith).

Gosh, I’m sure there’s more, and people should feel free to complain to me if I’ve failed to acknowledge them. Thank you all for the things you have done to make my life a little easier over the past few weeks. Hopefully I can help some people in return soon enough.

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