In the UK, the Government have a terrible track-record for choosing effective ways to spend their IT budget. Commonly they hire a company known as EDS. Now EDS don’t exactly have a good track-record for delivering projects on time, within budget, or even to spec; yet the UK Government continues to choose EDS over other companies for their IT projects. Recently the NHS started a project to sort out their email. EDS were chosen and proceeded to shout about it, wax lyrical about how good the system was going to be, and then failed to deliver on-time, within-budget, or to-spec. The NHS dropped them and ended up going with (I believe) Sun Microsystems’ Java Desktop. And now, EDS want to sue the NHS because they were dropped. Personally I think the UK government should go to court, in the UK, and demonstrate how utterly apalling EDS are, simultaneously countersuing EDS for all the money they’ve ever been given for failed projects, the interest on that money, and also damages, costs and general expenses. It’s time we found a way to wind up EDS and stop them fucking anyone else over. (As an aside, it’s also about time the UK Government learnt from their mistakes and actually stopped even considering EDS — they’re just too shit)

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