I happen to enjoy reading Planet Debian which is an aggregation of several Debian-related people’s blogs (including my own). Unfortunately lots of people whose blogs are included use “lightweight” or “simple” blogging systems such as blosxom or pyblosxom (a python port of the same). These lighter-weight blogging systems don’t have the features of Livejournal. Particularly, having grown up in the community of Usenet, mailing lists and, when blogging, Livejournal; to be left with no way to comment on a journal entry except emailing the person in question and hoping they update their journal accordingly, or posting a comment to my journal (which is read by a potentially disjoint set of people), I find most irritating indeed. I don’t feel irritated enough to suggest plastic flaming anal rape or indeed horrible chemical-induced mental anguish but I sure wish people’d sort this out.

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