What do people do to improve their motivation at work? I sit here and I stare at this code and I wish I was at home doing more interesting things. I need someone to donate enough money that I can take a sabatical from MIPS and get on with what I actually care about


Livejournal:milchi gave me a new NM to deal with which is okay. I have printed out my other NM’s PP response to go through tonight. Other than that, there’s a DBUS bug left to squish in the 0.20 package and I’m still waiting on a new Lua release for squishing my final bug.


Things go well with the plans to provide ADSL connectivity. We’re in talks with a supplier or two about things and we’ll progress that over the next short while I imagine. It’ll be nice to be able to say “Would you like DSL with that hosting sir?”.
Also still need to get back into coding on Betty.

Personal coding:

Working on `nodemonitor` which will be a tool to sit in your X session (Gnome, Xfce4 etc) and monitor the system dbus for `org.kernel.udev.NodeCreated` and `org.kernel.udev.NodeDeleted` messages, running scripts inside your X session when these messages come along. I’m writing it for my USB key, so I can get it to ask me for a passphrase to decrypt the cryptoloop mount when I stuff it in, and to clear the SSH agent when I pull it back out again. I’m sure other uses for it will come up. I’m learning glib and gtk in the process. wheeee

That’s all folks

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