Cut — Big geeky thing about Python. Don’t bother commenting if it’s not relevant
Righty, I’ve been hacking on the Debian katie suite recently. It’s written in Python for the most part and so I had to learn python. I have to say that Python is everything I expected it to be, and more besides. Python is syntactically clean, very expressive, easy to pick up, probably quite a good scripting language for people who don’t already know perl, and probably even a good one for people who do. However the prediction that it hurts to code in python has been borne out. I actually end up physically in pain when I code in python (well, more accurately when I read python). I was completely right that cut&paste is infinitely harder in python than in a language where your editor can re-flow for you, and I very much rely on coding in isolation and then slapping code into place. My tab and backspace keys got a big workout and I learnt to use the edge of an xterm to line up code.
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