So today has been interesting. Livejournal:nunfetishist discovered someone in the village getting rid of Mordaunt-Short subwoofer for £20 ~~- so we had that. Also this morning I had my LL6 out. of my lower-jaw)~~- it had become infected underneath a nearly 10 year old filling, and the choice was extract now & bridge later, or do a temporary cleanup now, then have a full two-session root-canal treatment to save the tooth. I chose the less traumatic extraction. I rang the dental access centre at 08:30 and at 09:50 I was in the dentist’s chair. By 10:30 I was back in the car, fighting to keep my lack of breakfast in my stomach, and driving home to sleep. As a result, I’ve done sweet-nothing on my ftp-master work and next to nothing on my irda-watch tool. I’ll look into doing some more on that another night. For now, I wish I had ice-cream.

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