Well, after finishing helping Our Illustrious Leader (Livejournal:milchi) to go shopping, (quite how one man can spend so long choosing moisturiser is beyond me) I set-to sorting out a pile of Debian stuff I had left over. I completed a lua50 set of patches, including fixes to the lua-config50 script and manpage. Once that was done and uploaded I looked at the colloquy outstanding bugs. In a fit of ‘I know, this will be interesting for him’ I suggested to Livejournal:nunfetishist that it might be good if he took over the maintainership of the Debian package for colloquy since he is, after all, the upstream for it. Livejournal:nunfetishist took one look at it and declared that I should remove colloquy from Debian because it’s clearly not worth keeping the package there. I have accordingly filed a RFA (request for adoption) to see if anyone else wants to take on the package. If noone responds, I’ll retitle that as a request-for-removal and get rid of it from the archive. It’s a sad day when upstream says the Debian package is not worth it because the Debian maintainer has clearly spent more effort on making the package nice than the average user would spend downloading and building it. I see that as a pretty blinkered view considering how much nicer to use the Debian package is in my opinion. But then again, Livejournal:nunfetishist plainly doesn’t appreciate things like init scripts or having things compiled for you.

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