Cut — Geek alert!
Well, I have to admit, Xfce4 is rather yummy. Livejournal:brainstewed was I believe the first person to mention it to me, and eventually a night or two ago, having reached the final straw with Gnome 2.4 being irritating at us, we switched. Bob’s desktop, my laptop, and my desktop at work now all run Xfce4. We’ve noticed issues, and they’ll have to be fixed as time goes by, but to be honest, the relative speed and smoothness of things offsets the fact that it’s not quite as integrated or featureful as gnome. It took us about 5 minutes to work out what file to edit to configure some keybindings we wanted etc. Now it may be the case that we had to edit files, but at least xfce4 doesn’t claim to have GUIs for it, only to pull the help when you report a bug that the GUI doesn’t seem to be there. All I need now, is a battery applet for the panel, a system load monitor etc. All these exist and will soon be packaged for Debian. I tend to only run packaged stuff so that I can be sure of install/uninstall/upgrade capabilities. Oh yeah, and I need two rows of workspaces or my brain will explode. But that’s okay because it’s already on their wishlist. If I ever get time to myself I might try helping with hacking on xfwm etc. Until then, I’ll re-learn to cope with only a single wrapping row of workspaces.
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