This meme is stolen from Livejournal:gwendraith The idea is to pick a song for each of your LJ friends…

Cut — click here for the results
Some of these songs were picked because the title was apt, some because the lyrics were apt, some because I just felt like it. Those marked with a T are apt titles, a L denotes apt lyrics, also, a S denotes that it is the sentiment which I think echoes in the person. All this is subject to my odd opinion of course ;~~)
Livejournal:brainstewed T
Kirsty MacColl~~- Innocence
Livejournal:cjwatson T
Tom Lehrer ~~- Irish Ballad
Livejournal:dpash L
Soft Cell~~- Insecure Me
Livejournal:ethelthefrog T
Frank Zappa ~~- Catholic Girls
Livejournal:gerald_duck S
Flanders and Swan~~- Have some Madeira, m’dear
Livejournal:gwendraith S
Diana Ross ~~- I will survive
Livejournal:jenblower tongue-in-cheek
Beautiful South~~- Mirror
Livejournal:kalipha T
Tiger army ~~- Never die
Livejournal:keybuk T
Five Star~~- System addict
Livejournal:kjaneway S
Gloria Gaynor ~~- I am what I am
Livejournal:kyllikki S
Bruce Springsteen~~- Car Wash
Livejournal:met24 T
Pink Floyd ~~- Learning to fly
Livejournal:milchi T
Elton John and Tim Rice~~- I just can’t wait to be king
Livejournal:nunfetishist L
Barry White ~~- You’re the first, my last, my everything
Livejournal:thombola T
Kylie Minogue~~- Better the devil you know
Livejournal:velvetpurrs T
Robbie Williams — Me and my Monkey
If you’re not in the list, I simply couldn’t think of a song for you (I may not know you well enough), or you got skipped due to my incompetence. Post a comment if you want including.
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