Cut — My time in Oslo
Firstly, can I say: It is fucking expensive in Norway ~~- The exchange rate is disproportionately high and as such, pints of beer in local bars cost around £4.50 which is scary. However, I had a lovely time, and met loads of great people. I wish I’d had the opportunity to go to the debcamp as well as the conference, but ultimately the conference was good fun too. I got to see Scott again, which is always nice, and I met up with Livejournal:milchi, Livejournal:cjwatson and various others. I learned a hell of a lot at the conference and helped with closing various bugs. I managed to check a total of about 90 identities, so I have a mammoth key-signing effort to undertake. Fortunately Scott managed to write a neat script, and with a little tweaking for my needs, it should be perfect. I also managed to close two thirds of my remaining open bugs, and I accidentally volunteered to do more work within Debian. I also had a good meeting with the glibc guys, and will have to write that up to try and scrag a bit of cash from work in return for talking about MIPS with people. Back at work now I am left with a slight sense of anticlimax~~- after a fantastic weekend geeking it up with fellow Debianites, I am left writing a web-ui to manage the local asset tags.
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