Cut — My eyes
I have now had a full week of wearing contact lenses, and can I just say that they rock. Being able to see well, without the rim of my glasses getting in the way is just so liberating it’s untrue. I’ve had one morning where it felt like one of my contacts still had a little peroxide on it from the overnight cleaning, but liberal application of buffered saline soon fixed that.
Cut — Oslo
I’ve been preparing for Oslo (Debian conference) and now have most of what I need ready.
  • New suitcase
  • Clothes to put in it ;-)
  • P6064 to give to someone
  • Travel Insurance
  • Currency
  • Passport
  • Hotel room booked
  • Vince has air tickets
  • There’s plenty of trains to get us to Heathrow on time
So my question is: What have I forgotten?
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