Good morning Livejournalers. I had a lovely weekend, mostly with Livejournal:nunfetishist, Livejournal:mstevens, Livejournal:gerald_duck and partially with Livejournal:kjaneway. On Saturday, some of us went to see The Matrix Reloaded in the London IMAX cinema (which it turns out is a fantastic experience indeed) and then we ate in Pizza Piaza. On Sunday it was slightly more lazy, with Livejournal:kjaneway turning up before Livejournal:nunfetishist and I had gotten out of bed. (Quite embarrassing really). Then we all chatted, had lunch, scanned photos (I’ll upload them at some point) and then when Livejournal:kjaneway left, Livejournal:gerald_duck turned up and brought with him a Meridian 555 power amplifier and a Cyrus pre/source-switch. We discovered how much extra our speakers can do than our current pre/power combo can achieve. Then we had dinner at the Saffron Brasserie (indian curry) and then drove around lots looking at places ARM used to be/is now. Then we chatted into the wee-small-hours. Which was nice. Bleargh — Morning.

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