Here’s some answers to questions from Livejournal:gwendraith

Cut — You know, I feel like my head is about to explode…
  1. Daniel is such a lovely name. If you had to change your name to another ordinary one, what would it be? And a unconventional one?
    Well, I’ve always been fond of the names: Harry, Steven, Gerry and David. I guess however, I’d prefer to be a Mike since I think it fits better with me. In terms of unconventional names, my brothers have been trying to convince me to follow in my elder brothers’ footsteps and change my name to ‘Sha-waddy-waddy Bananarama Funkyboogaloo-Smythe’ which I think could be funny for about 10 minutes.
    BTW, thanks for the compliment ;~~)
  2. What three positive traits do you admire/like about Livejournal:nunfetishist? and three negatives ones?
    Gosh, well, in terms of positive traits I admire, I like how cuddly he is, his brutal honesty is refreshing and I suppose he’s a loyal and loving man. In terms of negative traits, I suppose I most dislike his self-deprecation, especially in terms of what work he is or isn’t capable of. He has a tendancy to want to be told the answer, instead of working it out for himself ; and he keeps waking me up as I drop off to sleep .
  3. Haddenham is a charming and gentile village to live. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
    Haddenham, and indeed most of Cambridgeshire, is rather lovely, yes. However I’d love to live in a castle, because it’d be really rather cool. Probably in the south of Germany, perhaps near Bavaria; most likely on the franco-german borders. I love that part of Europe in terms of scenery, people and good food. It would be hard, being away from friends and family, but with a huuge castle, people could just visit whenever they wanted.
  4. What is your proudest moment?
    I think that the moment I was most proud was simultaneously the moment I was most scared. And that had to be the afternoon when I walked into an estate agents in Ely and said “Hello, I’m Mr Silverstone, and I’m here to collect the key”~~- I was handed a small keyring with two keys on it, and at that moment, I was in posession of my first house. I was 19 years old.
  5. You find a magic lantern. The genie offers you three wishes. What would they be and why?
    Well, following the accepted rules of ‘Genie cannot be cheated’ and ‘World-peace, end-of-suffering etc won’t cut the mustard’ I guess my three wishes would be:
    1. I would wish for happy, fulfilled and loving lives, without financial or medical worries for myself and my close friends and family
    2. I would wish for an increase in empathy and understanding for others’ sorrows and pains in everyone.
    3. I would wish for a better education for all of our children; so that our investment in the future will be in good and well-prepared hands.

Erm, thassit.

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