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  1. Where was your best childhood holiday? Why?
    Hmm, as a child, I remember only three types of holiday. First, holidays in gîtes in France; second, visits to my Grandmother and finally, visits to the holiday cottage in Wales which my parents finally bought in 1994. I would say that my favourite ones of those must have been the 1990 visit to a place called ‘Sammarçolles’ where we stayed in a gîte behind a bakery. I, being a typical 10 year old, was bored with what my parents did, and, naturally, fascinated by the bakery. As a result, I forced my mother to teach me the phrase “May I help you?” so that I could proudly go and ask the baker if he wanted a hand. I can only assume my mother had spoken with him beforehand because he “took me in” and I spent a great two weeks learning about baking french bread and croissants; how to make brioche etc. I can’t remember a bloody word of it, but it was great fun for a budding french speaker.
  2. Lua is (if you don’t mind me saying so) a fairly obscure language. What got you into it?
    Well, firstly, no, I don’t mind you saying so. However Lua isn’t as obscure as you might think. I first found Lua when I was scouring the ’net for programming languages suitable for embedding into a talker-client I was thinking of writing. I wanted a language which I could use both to extend the client, and to be extended by the client. I considered Perl, Python, TCL, Lua and many others before settling on Lua (3.2 as it was then) as my language of choice. Lua was the smallest language of the set to learn, it had the simplest embedding interface of the lot, and had been designed, from the outset to be small and efficient. At the time, I still had the mentality that 500k of RAM was 500k I shouldn’t use if I didn’t have to. Perl was big and scary, Python’s language upset me fundamentally (and still does) and tcl was just nasty. Lua turned out to have a pleasant and helpful community surrounding it, and so we settled on it. Three major language revisions later, and I’m the Debian maintainer for the Lua packages and my major home programming project is a Lua-based web-application development platform (called aranha) hopefully to eventually rival PHP.
  3. If you could have a meal anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    If it was me alone, I think I’d want to have a meal somewhere in northern Africa (possibly French Guyana) because I’ve always wanted to see that part of the world, and I feel that food is a great way to get to know somewhere. However if I were allowed to take Livejournal:nunfetishist with me, I guess it’d have to be somewhere in Thailand for a real thai green chicken curry.
  4. What’s your all-time favourite piece of music? (Or, put another way, you get to keep one piece of music. What would it be?)
    That is such an evil question. I guess that if I had only one piece, and was never allowed to have another bit ever again, not even humming/singing to myself, it’d be one of the Enigma variations by Elgar.
  5. Pepper or fish? Pick one only.
    Aah, well, this one is easy. Pepper is a spice which is easily replaced by any of a number of peppery spices, but fish is something which you cannot substitute for. So I’m choosing to keep fish.

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