Well, Livejournal:ewx has asked me five questions, so here we go …

Cut — Caution, boredom awaits…
  1. Why “pepperfish”?
    Unfortunately this has less of an awe-inspiring story than I would have hoped, so here goes with a brief-history of Pepperfish…
    <flashback style=“wavey lines”>
    Approximately two years ago, a group of friends, some of which are on LJ (Livejournal:nunfetishist for example), and I got together to purchase a computer to get hosted in Telehouse in London. Once it was installed, some more friends of ours approached us saying “Can we have some space?” or “Can you host a website for me?” and we realised that we could charge a minimal fee for this, and still they would come. We needed a name for this machine, calling it `` was wearing quite thin, so we all pooled the domains we owned at the time and tried to choose one to use. For a reason none of us could quite fathom, one of us owned the domain `pepperfish.org` and we decided that we could come up with computer names for that (calling them all fish for instance) so we settled on calling the box `salmon.pepperfish.org`. As more and more people wanted hosting, we decided to try and look a little more professional, so we designed a logo and called ourselves ‘The Pepperfish Consortium’ and got on with things.
    These days, we are Pepperfish Limited and we continue to grow.
  2. If you could wall off any town or city in Britain, which would you choose? Would you be inside or outside?
    Crikey, go for the hard ones eh?.
    I’m not a great city person ~~- I far prefer the country~~- but having grown up there, I’d have to say that for the safety of the rest of the world, we should immediately wall-up and dome-over Birmingham. It’s for the good of the Earth I tell you. (And yes, I’d be outside)
  3. What what be the ideal length of a day?
    I’m afraid I have to be rather selfish here. I think work-days should be about 6 hours long (but staggered) so shops are open from 3pm until 9pm on week-days and stuff like that. Weekends should have the days elongated by six hours each, so that I can have a huuuuge lie-in and still get everything done.
  4. What was the last book you read, & was it any good? Ditto last film.
    The last book I read was Robert Rankin’s The Greatest Show off Earth. It was extremely odd and really rather good. I think I’ll have to re-read it before I’m satisfied with leaving it alone for a year or so. Just prior to that, I read my first Alexi Sayle book: Barcelona plates which is a collection of short stories which really punch your sense of reality around a bit. Very good and I’d recommend it to anyone with a compatibly odd and slightly dark sense of humour.
    The last film I saw was The Matrix Reloaded which I think was a very good film. The Wachowski brothers have out-done themselves I think. Although the CGI broke down in places and became a touch-too-obvious, it was overall a bloody good film.
  5. What’s on your desk?
    Let’s take this one in two parts: Firstly, on my desk here at work there is… a document describing a presentation on bridging busses between hypertransport and RapidIO. Also an OpenMOSIX HowTO document. An install/documentation CD for a Netscreen hardware firewall. Various other bits of paper, and my work notebook. Also my wallet, keys, phone etc and my calculator. Finally there’s a tube-map with various stations ticked-off as we use tube-stops as our naming scheme here at work.
    Now, at home, I have a desk which is covered in bits of paper, CDs, a keyboard and mouse and various other bits of guff. However I tend to sit downstairs on a comfy chair with my laptop and an 802.11b card, so I guess my desk in that sense is the coffee table, which has a copy of Private Eye some unopened letters, and all the remote controls for our HiFi and TV etc.
Phew. Hope that answers them well enough. As per the meme’s structure, feel free to comment/ask additional questions in the comment space below, and also feel free to ask for question sets.
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