Okay, so I know that part of my job description involves sorting out support-type issues when the arise with the IT systems. But I have now wasted half-a-day trying to fix an issue arising from a colleague upgrading from netscape 4 to netscape 7 and his mail stuff failing to cope. I have checked the imap server, it’s quite happy. Mutt can read/write his mailboxes over IMAP with nary so much as a whimper, but will netscape work? Will it buffalo! Update By performing the following process (repeated until all folders were subscribed) I managed to get my colleagues netscape up-to-scratch…

  1. Click the ‘go offline’ button
  2. Click the ‘go online’ button
  3. Subscribe to the next folder
  4. Select the folder to download the mail in it
  5. Attempt to subscribe to the next folder (and be told it won’t work)
  6. Goto 1.
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