Again a stolen meme: This time it’s from Livejournal:mikosquirrel via Livejournal:gerald_duck and Livejournal:gwendraith. The rules are as follows: Five questions. Pick one you don’t like, drop it. Replace it with one you want to answer that hasn’t been asked, and that doesn’t usually get asked. (Favourite colours, favourite foods, and other insufferably dull things are banned on pain of having a coffee table nailed to your head.) The next person does the same. I’m following on from Livejournal:gwendraith’s question set, and I’m dropping the question she answered about obscure book/dvd etc, and am replacing it with the final one in the list. So, here goes: What is your favourite children’s book? ~~- Somewhere at my parent’s house, buried in a pile of goodness knows what, will be my copy of the Seuss classic “The Butter Battle Book”~~- regardless of the Enid Blyton and Beano which was spoon-fed to me as a child, my lasting memory of a “chidren’s book” (since I used to read Asimov and Tolkein once I could cope with the words) is that of the Seuss book in which a battle, strangely analagous to the interactions I observed between the adults of my world, raged over a trivial and utterly daft issue ~~- namely that of whether one should have ones bread butter-side-up or butter-side-down. If your life was a maudlin country and western song, what would it be called?~~- Unfortunately I think it’d have to be called Ain’t that a shame which is a song title already used, but I think Dolly could pull off a damned good rendition of it in which we’re not entirely sure what the shame was about, but we’d know how ashamed she was of it. Pick one phrase, movement, or scene from a book, poem, movie, song, or other work that Really Gets You. This one is quite hard, but here goes: book: I always end up dreamy and confused whenever I read Asimov’s passage about the robots recovering Elijah after the accident in the hover-car outside the robotics institute on Aurora. poem: Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden always gets me. movie: I always cry when E.T. (nearly) snuffs it. Which place or object, that you’ve never been to or seen, is most important to you? I’d absolutely love to visit outer-space. I feel that it represents the next-major hurdle outside of managing our own globe, and perhaps a more tractable problem than dealing with our more “local” issues. Now for my new question: If you found yourself independantly wealthy (and thus without a need to work for money) what would you do, and why? ~~- I have often imagined this scenario, generally when slightly tipsy and melancholic after a long day at the office during my summer internship at Creature Labs . With the nice cars, castle in Scotland, good food, personal trainer etc all taken as read~~- I’d like to think that I would create a space in which free software could be actively developed and maintained; providing a service to what I see as an increasing user-base. I want to see the promotion of a far more pragmatic approach to computing within industry; a better understanding of what computers can be used for, and, perhaps more importantly, what they should not be used for. I’d like to see security understood by more than the few; and properly dealt with by more than the fewer. Erm, I’m sure I had more to say about this once… Oh well. Phew — glad that’s over. D.

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